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The Men of Moroni program offers both clinician-led and mentor-led sexual self-mastery groups. These group leaders are independently licensed therapists, counselors, interns or the equivalent who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mentors are trained and certified by Life Changing Services.

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Bryton is the first graduate of the Sons of Helaman program who has returned to be a clinician leading Sons of Helaman and Men of Moroni YSA groups. 

As a teenager, he began learning and living principles of self-mastery and Spiritual Warfare and has been practicing them ever since.

Since his graduation from Sons of Helaman in 2012 Bryton has been teaching these same principles in many capacities with Life Changing Services. He has spent time as a text coach and PWT and was a mentor over the Sons of Mosiah Program prior to his own mission in the Washington Vancouver Mission. 

He also facilitated the monthly Sons of Helaman Parent Support Meeting/General Panel and was a co-facilitator of the Fathers Who Fight meetings and podcast for a time. He has also been featured on the Eternal Warrior and Like Dragons Did They Fight podcasts.

Bryton graduated from BYU-I with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is over halfway through his Masters in Counseling program.  Since he graduated from Sons of Helaman in 2012, Bryton has spent over 1,800 hours teaching principles of self-mastery and Spiritual Warfare.

Bryton was born and raised in Northern Utah. He has 4 brothers and 1 sister. He is happily married and has 2 sons.

Bryton grew up in the Boy Scout Program where he earned his Eagle Scout award. At the age of fourteen, he began working at a nearby Cub Scout camp and later a High Adventure Camp. He worked as a camp counselor at the camps every summer for 8 years. He also spent time as the Aquatic Director and Camp Director for the camps.

To learn more about Bryton, visit his blog.



Cody Hawes was born and raised in Hermiston, Oregon where his passions were sports, singing, activities with family, friends and the LDS church. 

He worked on the local farms until his graduation from High School and enrolled at Rick’s College in 1999. He attended Ricks for one year and was called to serve a mission in McAllen, Texas where he learned the Spanish language and increased his eagerness to serve people around him. 

After serving his mission, he went back to school at the transitioned BYU-Idaho where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Spanish. He was actually named the “Man of The Year” for the BYU-Idaho college of Religion and Social Sciences. BYU-Idaho is where he met his beautiful wife Kristin while they were EFY counselors.

After a few years of living in Layton where Kristin worked as a Special Education teacher and Cody as a youth sex offender counselor they decided to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work at Eastern Washington University. There, he became a mental health/sex offender therapist and worked for the departments of corrections in Washington and Oregon. 

Since moving back to Utah, he started working for Life Changing Services and the Sons of Helaman program and has worked as a part-time therapist for LDS family services. 

His specialties include Addiction Recovery, Marriage and Family therapy, and Mental Health Recovery.

Cody can be reached at 385-519-6089  or

Watch a short video interview with Cody about his training techniques and philosophies about young men and Sons of Helaman.

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Dallin began his journey of self-mastery by graduating from the Sons of Helaman Program in 2018. Since then, he has taken his passion for the principles taught within the various programs of Life Changing Services, and has excelled as a Personal Warrior Trainer, Men of Moroni Mentor, Sons of Mosiah Program Director, Eternal Warriors Coach and Intern Therapist. Helping others find peace, healing, and autonomy is the central motivator of Dallin’s work. 

Having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Eastern Oregon University, Dallin is currently obtaining a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The University of the Southwest. This education only serves to complement his understanding of human behavior, as well as strengthen his ability to help others on their path of recovery and self-mastery. His methods are built upon ever-increasing psychological knowledge and grounded in his testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

In his undergraduate studies, Dallin focused his research on pornography, empathy, and religiosity. He published his findings with Dr. Robert Butler at the Western Psychological Association in 2023. Dallin is continuing to conduct scientific research with the aim to determine the most effective therapeutic approaches for individuals struggling with unwanted pornography and masturbation behaviors. 

When working with his clients, Dallin emphasizes small and simple actions that ultimately lead to massive results. Through this process, he has helped many young men reach their goals of serving full-time missions and marrying in the temple, while also empowering married men with the tools they need to rebuild their marriages and families. 

Dallin, his wife, and their adorable baby boy live in Southern Oregon. They enjoy playing pickleball, reading Brandon Sanderson books, and playing lots of board games. 

Want to get to know Dallin better? Here are a few podcast episodes that feature Dallin:

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You can contact Dallin at 541-733-8533 or or for a Free Consultation.


Greg Dunford grew up in East Millcreek in Salt Lake City, Utah. After serving an LDS mission in Santiago, Chile, he attended Dixie College. In 1987, he married the love of his life, Julie, who is from Arizona, where they have lived for the majority of their marriage. They have 6 children. His family is the joy of his life!

He completed his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah, with a major in Spanish and minor in Psychology, and worked for the LDS Church Seminary and Institute program (CES) for 20 years. He earned his Master’s degree in Counseling at Northern Arizona University and began counseling at LDS Family Services, and then started his private practice in 1998. He found great success using gospel principles to help clients overcome the challenges of:

  • works specifically with people who are going through faith transitions and “inter-faith marriage” challenges.
  • addiction: substance abuse, pornography, etc.
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • eating disorders
  • marriage and family issues
  • suicidal tendencies
  • sexual, physical, emotional abuse
  • anger issues, etc.

In 2007, Greg took an early retirement from CES to pursue what he felt was a calling to use gospel principles to help people heal their lives in a more specific setting. He didn’t know exactly what form that was to take, but after a season of patient preparation, he and his wife became the “Ma & Pa” of the High Bar Ranch, helping young men prepare for their missions in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. He has also worked as a program director at a facility for struggling young women, and as a Field Director for the Arivaca Boys Ranch doing everything from Equine therapy and all kinds of outdoor activities, to teaching Arbinger (which essentially teaches a Christ-like way of being). Greg has a gift in connecting with the youth. His ability to communicate, motivate and inspire people are among his greatest strengths. The people he works with know he cares about them.

Greg has traveled extensively and lived abroad in: Europe, North, South and Central America, South Pacific, and study abroad in Puebla, Mexico & in the Middle East. When he was 17 his family lived in a kibbutz in Israel where his father was the director for the BYU study abroad program. He loves playing basketball and tennis, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and playing with his kids. Spending time with his family is his favorite thing!

Greg is thrilled to be involved with the Son’s of Helaman Program as it is an extremely effective application of gospel principles in healing lives. He gained an initial testimony of the program as his own family started to apply the principles themselves. It proved to be a huge benefit individually and as a family!

Greg and Julie are passionate about teaching the principles that govern peace of mind and healthy relationships. They are both currently serving as missionaries for the church’s Addiction Recovery Program (ARP). Greg leads a Men’s Pornography and Sexual Addiction Group, and Julie leads a Women’s Support Group, helping women through betrayal trauma, and helping them to support their loved ones in recovery, in healthy, and appropriate ways. They love working together, and frequently do firesides and presentations for church auxiliaries.


Phone: 801-380-6466


Layne Hilton completed his Bachelor’s degree in psychology through Weber State University  and is currently a third year psychology intern from the University of Utah. He will be completing his licensure as a CMHC in the spring of 2019 while working for Life Changing Services.

Layne has extensive work in helping others, his career began as a counselor for juvenile sex offenders at Salt Lake Detention Center, after which he became a firefighter. Over the past 24 years in this capacity, Layne has had the opportunity to serve as a paramedic, police officer/SWAT paramedic, Hazardous Materials Technician and as a Captain. While doing this, Layne also worked concurrently as a school teacher/counselor at a private school in Salt Lake City. Layne has also served as a martial arts instructor, boxing coach and a Muay Thai instructor. 

Currently Layne’s passion is spending time with his family, and playing bagpipes for the Utah Firefighters Emerald Society.

“I have a strong belief in the importance of Warrior Chemistry and its importance, not just in overcoming addiction, but throughout a person’s life. The services and programs offered through Life Changing Services provide a unique experience in offering self-management and control and provide skills to make you victorious in ANY battle you might face!”

Layne can be reached at: 801-638-HERO (4376)


Markham has been personally trained by Maurice Harker, Cody Hawes and the leaders of the Men of Moroni program to empower warriors to win their battles with Satan and heal families. He specializes in serving teenagers, parents and couples work. 

Markham is the oldest son of Kevin and Karla McReynolds. He was born in Salt Lake City was raised in both New Mexico and Layton, Utah, where he graduated from Layton High School in 1999. He served an LDS Mission in Warsaw, Poland from 2000-2002 and completed his bachelor’s program majoring in Philosophy with a broad academic background including medical and business coursework. Markham recently celebrated his 15th wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife and loves spending time with her and their two boys. Markham has built a diverse background of mentoring others including:

  • Boy Scout organization- Earned his Eagle Scout at age fourteen and served as assistant Scoutmaster.
  • Religious training – Serving a mission and served as Branch President and one year of training for professional religion educators at the University of Utah LDS institute.
  • Higher Education – Created and funded a student group designed to bring public speakers to campus at the University of Utah including Patch Adams. Managing editor of Utah’s Health Medical Journal 2004-2005. Oversaw all aspects of peer reviewed health journal for the state of Utah. Led workshops for other board members. Teaches Sales, Leadership and computer courses at Latter-day Saint Business College.
  • Professional- Ten years as a successful salesperson and marketing expert.

Markham completed his Masters of Art in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a member of The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the International honor society for Marriage and Family Therapists.

Markham also works with children, ages 3 – 12 years old.

Internet sessions available!

Phone: 801.980.0008



Maurice W. Harker, M. Ed. is the originator of the Sons of Helaman program, a sexual self-mastery training program, started in 2005.  Sons of Helaman has helped thousands of young men recover from pornography addiction and other sexual-related issues.

He is the originator of Men of Moroni (men’s equivalent to Sons of Helaman), the WORTH Group (serving women in Betrayal Trauma), and Eternal Warriors Training (Prevention and Self-mastery training).

Maurice is the author of Like Dragons Did They Fight – a synergy of eternal principles and accurate science for personal self-mastery.  He is also the author of I’m Not Okay, You’re Not Okay, And That’s Okay, a book on healing and building healthy relationships. He is the author of And the Man Knew His Wife, a book designed to help couples improve the quality of their marital intimacy.

Maurice specializes in providing services with interventions that accurately synchronize effective psychological science with eternal principles.  He is most known and sought after for the work he does with individuals and couples who have been traumatized by sexual misbehavior.

Maurice acquired both his Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Utah.

For over 17 years (2005-2022), Maurice provided specialized services as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. The first 7 years were with LDS Family Services and then in 2005, he opened Life Changing Services. He has now shifted his focus to primarily functioning as the Director of Life Changing Services, providing group trainings and workshops in self-mastery and marriage repair as well as occasionally offering advanced consultations by special request.

Maurice and his wife have been married 30 years and have 2 children.


My name is Samuel F. Brown. I currently live in Saratoga Springs, Utah.  I have my Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Utah and have a Licensed Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (LVRC) license.

I have worked with high-risk youth and incarcerated adults most of my adult life after graduate school. I have worked at Decker Lake, Observation and Assessment for DJJS, DCFS caseworker, tracker for a proctor agency, taught Cognitive Restructuring classes with Forensics at VMH, ran groups with high-risk Pacific Islander youth, Probation Officer and owned a foster care agency from 1999 to 2006 and then sold it to the largest foster care agency in the nation.

I currently work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Welfare and Self-Reliance department under Development Counseling Services as a Development Counselor helping associates who have mental health issues, addictions, and problems with employment issues.  I also have a family business contracted with DSPD providing supported living services for people with the disabilities.

I love working with all individuals that are struggling with pornography addictions to help them prepare for missions or adults to overcome their addiction as they prepare for marriage or individuals that struggle with this addiction while being married.  I love being able to use the science of overcoming addictions with gospel principles that we know can change behaviors.

Contact info:


A profound quote I once read says, ‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.’ This principle guides my coaching philosophy. I know what it takes to experience genuine change and I strive to live what I teach my clients by continuing to fight for personal and spiritual freedom each day. My mission centers on empowering others to transform their lives.

My personal transformation began with Life Changing Services 7 years ago and is deeply influenced by my service as a missionary and the challenges I faced upon an early return home.

The path wasn’t straightforward, but the detours taught me invaluable lessons I now share with people like you! Completing the Sons of Helaman program was just the start; I returned to my mission to finish what I began, recognizing that while each person’s journey is unique, every story has its own beauty and worth. Now happily married, McKinley and I, as therapist and coach, dedicate ourselves to the growth and healing of individuals and couples.

As a certified life coach and faith-based (LDS) life coach, I leverage my experience and training to offer an array of tools for real change in the lives of the people I work with. My approach is grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ and His prophets with practical coaching techniques, aiming to guide you toward discovering your true potential.

Ultimately, I am a fellow traveler who has walked the path of unexpected turns, struggle, and found strength and joy along the journey. Whether you’ve faced similar challenges or are treading a different path, our mission is the same: to discover the fullness of life that awaits when we align with God’s truth.

If you’re standing at a crossroads, seeking the courage to move forward and the wisdom to choose the right path, let’s connect. I’m not just a coach; I’m someone who’s lived the very transformation I teach. Inspired by divine teachings and grounded in personal experience, I offer more than advice — I offer a partnership on your journey to change.

You don’t have to navigate this alone. Reach out, schedule a call, and let’s explore how your unique story can unfold into a powerful testimony of growth and resilience.

Services Offered:

  • Personalized One-on-One Coaching (Includes Youth, YSA, Men, & Women)
  • Parent Guidance Coaching
  • Young Married Couples Coaching

Contact Information:

928-242-7261 (Text)

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